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Finance Options

For a limited time, we are offering a special 0% interest extended terms purchasing plan.

For any purchases over $5000, we will ship the product with 25% of the purchase price down. You will then pay an additional 25% in 60 days. You then have 60 days to pay the next 25% of the purchase price, with the final payment 60 after that. This gives you the flexibility to spread out the cost over time to help manage your cash flow.

Cash 25%
Net 60 25%
Net 120 25%
Net 180 25%
Total 100%


This offer applies to purchase made before Dec 31st, 2015.

As always, we offer a leasing option for all purchases over $5000 through Pinnacle Funding, Inc. of Wilmington, DE.

Why Leasing Makes Sense

• Leasing is Flexible and Convenient

An equipment lease can be structured in a variety of ways to meet the exact needs of each client. Payments can vary seasonally to match uneven cash flow, they can be tied to specific projects, or “stepped” to increase or decrease over time. Transactions up to $100,000 can be approved on the basis of a simple one-page credit application, usually within hours.

• Leasing Frees Up Cash

Leasing provides 100% financing – including items such as shipping, installation, software, and training. There is no need to tie up valuable working capital, making it available for more profitable opportunities like adding sales personnel, increasing marketing or taking advantage of quantity discounts.

• Leasing Preserves Bank Lines

Bank lines are designed for short term needs and should be preserved for that purpose. Leasing is like opening an additional and separate line of credit – expanding, as opposed to restricting – your financial resources.

• Leasing Offers Better Terms than Banks

Leases do not require substantial down payments or compensating balances, do not have floating interest rates or restrictive covenants, and can usually be structured with lower monthly payments.

• Leasing Can Save on Taxes

Since lease payments can be set up as a direct operating expense, they are paid from pre-tax dollars versus after-tax profits. This provides faster write-offs freeing up more cash quickly.

• Leasing Helps Keep Your Equipment Current

Leasing facilitates equipment upgrades since there are usually no penalties for the actual upgrade and because

Please contact our Sales Office for additional details.