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Solar Installation Industry

Speed up your Solar Installations

Specially designed access platforms allow installers to get panels up to roof level quickly and safely. Our Solar ladder allows access on the roof across the top of the panels without risk of damage.

Solar Platform, SolarLine System and Solar Ladder from Easi-Dec are custom made solutions for Solar panel installers.

Easi-Dec has developed a range of purpose designed products to meet the needs of solar panel installers. Aimed at speeding up the time taken to install panels onto a roof, and to allow panels to be safely lifted up to roof level we offer installers are safe, cost effective alternative to scaffolding.

If you have an Easi-Dec Solar Platform, there is no more waiting around for scaffolding to be installed at a property before you can start work. A single platform can be erected and you can begin work within 10 minutes. If you want a longer platform to work from the Solarline system comprises two platforms with a catwalk linking them together, with a maximum span of 10 metres. Of course, this takes a few more minutes to put up!

Cost wise, an Easi-Dec platform will pay for itself in less than 20 installs when compared to the cost of hiring scaffolding and yet will last for years.

The Solar Ladder allows installers to work above panels when they are already installed on the roof, and due to its strengthened design, will not bend and hit the panels when in use.